Stephen A. Garner Ministries 2018 Scholarship Application


The Stephen A. Garner Ministries Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to individuals’ age 17 – 25 who are college bound or current college students based on demonstrated academic achievement, financial need, and an express interest in pursuing a higher education.


This application is for individuals age 17-25 seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree or professional certification. Applicants must be accepted at an accredited US institution in 2018 which includes 2 year colleges, 4 year colleges/universities, graduate schools, private institutions, and certified vocational schools.

Board members/committee member’s family members are not eligible


Click here to download the SAG Scholarship application, complete and return by email to:


• Be an Illinois resident.
• Complete an SAG Scholarship Application.
• Submit verification of college enrollment or letter of acceptance.
• Write a personal statement (500 words or less) describing interest and involvement in community and public service, hobbies, talents, sports and/or school activities. This statement should address future academic and professional career plans, highlight any personal challenge(s) you have overcome and demonstrate a genuine need for these funds.
• Submit high school transcript (if in college, your current transcript).
• Maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout final two years in high school.
• Submit three letters of recommendation from persons other than relatives.
• Students selected for the SAG Scholarship Award will participate in a final interview.
• Any supporting material not submitted along with this application will result in applicant being disqualified.


Each scholarship award will be a minimum of $500 annually. Scholarships will be awarded on an annual basis and disbursed in September. Students must continue to attend classes and maintain no lower than a 3.0 grade- point average (or equivalent).


All applications for the scholarship must be postmarked by August 1, 2018. Please note only applicants that are chosen to receive an award will be notified by letter by one (1) week prior to disbursement. Scholarship award date is October 1, 2018.


This scholarship is not renewable. Previous scholarship recipients cannot re-apply.

Submit applications to:
SAG Ministries, Scholarship Program,
P.O. Box 1545,
Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Scholarship Application

Download and complete the application. 
Click here to download the application.

Submit application by mail to:
SAG Ministries, Scholarship Program,
P.O. Box 1545,
Bolingbrook, IL 60440

SAG scholarship application 2018