Global Strategic Alliance

GLOBAL STRATEGIC ALLIANCE – (GSA) is an Apostolic and Prophetic Alliance established to expand the Kingdom of God throughout the nations. Our aim is to bring the global community of believers into alignment with Christ, as our Apostle, in order to fulfill His Commission within their respective regions. We currently serve as a spiritual covering and resource to leaders and congregations globally. Our commitment to covenant relationships and the development of ministry gifts has led to the establishment of Schools of Ministry, in order to effectively build in the lives of those we are called to serve.


Apostle Garner has trained and equipped believers nationally and internationally. He is known for his school of prayer intensives which have impacted multitudes. Apostle Garner also facilitates prophetic intensives and deliverance intensives. He is also the founder L.D.I otherwise known as Leadership Development Institute.

Apostle Garner has authored over 20 books and manuals on prayer, deliverance, the apostolic and the prophetic.

Apostle Garner’s greatest passions are to see the Body of Christ activated in intercession, flowing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and equipped to expand the Kingdom of God.



Portals Activated Global Advancement, a commission given to Apostle Stephen Garner to entreat the nations of the world to engage in strategic, calculative global prayer so that the former and latter heavens may be opened and the nations of the world will not just pray, but will pray into the place of encounter of the manifestation of Christ in the earth. PAGA’s focus is to release trans-generational moves and encounters founded upon prayer and centered on Christ.

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